Charter Rewards: Benefits and Services Offered

The age of the Renaissance man might be gone and over, but nowadays, individuals can’t just be defined by a single label. We can do anything we want, and usually, we want to do it all at once. A high school Math teacher can be a rock star at night, that waitress at the restaurant can be an actress waiting for her big break, or even your quiet-loving mother can also be an amazing Salsa dancer. Aside from people, however, this also applies to the everyday objects we use. With recent technology, we get the luxury of having the things we need come together in packages. Why just buy a single product when you can get the whole package for an affordable price? Even companies nowadays are becoming multidimensional in regard to the products and services they offer.  One good example of such trend is Charter Communications which with their Charter Rewards program, entices customers to avail of the communication services they offer which include cable television, Internet and digital telephone services. If you’d like to learn more about Charter’s products and services, you can  read about them here, or you can call the Charter phone number which is available on this page.

Let’s face it, living in the 21st century means we need a lot more things than we used to a century earlier. Because we don’t have time to purchase every service individually, we have Charter Communications to provide all our telecommunication needs. With their offer of high-definition cable television, digital telephone, and high-speed Internet services, there’s no need to go anywhere else. With its recent agreement with TiVo, Charter rewards you with an exclusive Multi-room DVR box capable of 1080P, added iPad compatibility, and web applications, among other features.

Charter Communications thanks back through Charter Rewards


Charter Rewards Services

Charter lets you create a bundle package that fits what you need, with all three services at a price that fits your budget. You can get the most affordable deal for less than thirty dollars a month, with up to 125+ channels with free HD, 30 mbps internet speed, and unlimited nationwide calling home phone. If you just want to get one of the services, you have the option to purchase them individually as well!

In addition to these amazing deals, their Rewards program tops the cake. There’s a free rewards program you can join just by signing up. Live It With Charter is the Charter Rewards program that works similar to a membership program. Points are collected and turned into money, which the customers can use as cash when they have accumulated enough. There’s no need to maintain any fee – the one-time sign up works for years, so members can get free stuff from Charter, as well as updates on Charter promotions and weekly activities.

For customers who avail of various Charter services, membership in the rewards program gives them priority call routing; any time you can save from being on hold on the phone is time you can use for something else – like watching any of the 10,000 movies and shows On Demand available for you.


No bill pileup/credit card debts


Another way to save your time? Having all your bills paid in one company. No need to have the possible bill pileup when three separate company bill you each month. You can visit this site for tips on avoiding bill pileup and card debt as well as pay off existing card debt. When you avail of Charter’s best voice and entertainment services, you can be sure that the hottest technology and the highest user support is delivered to your house each month, without price increase.

The company has rebranded their residential services to Charter Spectrum, which will be available in 2015. Spectrum boasts of a superior network with exceptional product enhancements offered to customers of Charter. With the Charter Rewards Program, there’s definitely more exciting things coming up for Charter members.