What’s the Big Deal with the Charter Customer Service Phone Number?

Charter Communications is currently one of the largest cable operators in the United States, and also one of the top providers of residential phone service and high-speed Internet access. You can click here to see the list of the leading Cable TV providers in the United States. If you are a Charter TV subscriber, you are enjoying the best TV program lineup and a very easy-to-use Charter TV Schedule Guide which you can learn about in our previous article. You are part of their 27-million strong subscriber base spread out in 29 states. As a Charter subscriber, one thing you should always have handy in your home is the Charter customer service phone number which is 1 888 438 2427.

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Why should you have the Charter customer service phone number always available for reference?

This phone support number is one of the quickest and most reliable ways in which you can get in touch with a representative from Charter in case you have any questions regarding your account, such as queries about billing, charges, or concerns about relocating to a new residence. The Charter Customer Service phone number allows you to directly address any concerns with the Charter support team.

contact Charter customer service phone number for cable issues

Also, having the Charter customer service phone number readily available will be very useful if you experience any outages, service interruption, or other issues with your Charter service. If you encounter any problems such as unusual noise in the phone connection, intermittent Internet connection, or disruption in cable television signal, you can quickly call the Charter customer support number and report the issue you are having with your service. This way, the support staff can take note of your problem right away and the issue can be fixed right away.

Aside from the Charter customer service phone number, there are also dedicated numbers you may want to take note of as well, such as the number for new service queries, which is 1 877 906 9121. This phone number is for new Charter customers or accounts. Meanwhile, if you are a Charter business subscriber, there is also a dedicated Charter business customer service number, which is 1 888 692 8635.  Charter customer service maintains high efficiency by outsourcing their services to highly competent call centers. You can read more about Charter’s high customer service standards and the accessibility of Charter’s phone number here.


If you have the Charter support details readily available, you will not have a hard time looking through the phone book, your monthly statement, or online for the right Charter customer support department to talk to. What you can do is to include the Charter customer service phone number in your list of important contact numbers, and keep the list in a highly-visible area of your home, such as beside the telephone, or on the refrigerator door or bulletin board. This way, other members of the family will also have easy access to the Charter phone support number in case there is a service interruption or bill-related question and you are not at home.

As a subscriber to the products and services offered by Charter, you have the right to access fast, reliable and accurate customer support and information in case you have any questions or issues with your Charter services. Your Charter customer service phone  number gives you access to the assistance that you require in order to enjoy and maximize the service that you get from Charter. Ensure that you have this vital information available to you at all times.