Dial the Charter customer service number and Get Your Concerns Resolved Quickly

Charter customer service number 2Getting through to customer service in most companies feels like standing on a long line of people waiting to be attended to, fortunately calling the Charter customer service number is not much of a bother. Having just over 5 million customers across America versus eight call centers to take in calls and resolve customers’ concerns seems a pretty even match. Getting HDTV, phone and internet from a praised provider such as Charter has its convenience. In fact the only reason why it’s still catching up with Comcast, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable (America’s big three in the cable TV industry) is lack of financial capital for expansion. If it had it would be serving tens of millions of Americans right now.

Charter customer service number

Charter customer service number

Like any other company Charter Communications values its customers, which is why they’ve set up as many call centers as they could in order to accommodate more than 5 million subscribers. Now if a customer wants to get his or her concerns addressed at the right people in Charter, the first thing that they’ll have to do is to get the Charter customer service number. Once the call connects it will be handled by a customer care representative from any of these locations (Philippines, Panama, Mexico, Canada and Brazil). The representative will then determine and respond to the customer’s concerns appropriately according to the company guidelines.

Note: Charter Communications has five different call centers in Canada namely in London, Ontario; Orillia, Ontario; Trenton, Ontario, Winnipeg and Manitoba.


Outsourcing Their Call Centers

Keep in mind that some of the representatives might have a strange accent to their English as obviously they are not native speakers. However, I have been to these “outsourced” call centers before and each applicant seeking a customer support position in any of these call centers are subjected to a series of English tests in order to assess their competency. Only those who will score 85% and above will be considered, furthermore the new hires will be under probation for six months to see if they are a right fit for the job. You may even notice in some instances when you dial the Charter customer service number and speak to a representative as though you were talking to your next door neighbor. You will soon realize that the representative was from the Philippines, or Brazil or even Mexico.

Charter customer service

Perhaps the most appropriate reason why Charter Communications has become the United States fourth largest cable TV, telephone and internet service provider is because of its excellent marketing strategy and customer service. Must be the reason why subscribers have no problem reaching out and calling the Charter phone number to make inquiries, adjustments and/or complaints. Normally most call centers have at least 400 customer service representatives taking in calls from the call floor and getting the mean value of the number of subscribers per representative we get 1562.5:1 on all eight call centers. But in reality only a fraction of these customers actually do call the Charter customer service number, making it possible for customer service representatives to do their jobs efficiently.