Charter Support Phone Number: Features & Alternative Numbers

As a subscriber of Charter, you are entitled to get access to fast, reliable customer support when you need assistance with your account. There are instances when you will need to call the charter support phone number to report an outage or service interruption, or if you have questions about your bill. You will also need to contact the charter support number if you want to upgrade or make changes to your existing subscription, or if you are moving and need to move your subscription as well. To get more information to the subject of Charter services and how it works read this.


Charter Support Phone Number Service



One of the techniques to make the process of contacting charter technical support  more convenient is to know the right department to call regarding specific issues or requests. You can choose among different communication mediums in accessing Charter services, here’s how. This is especially helpful especially if you are trying to reach a Charter telephone representative during a particularly busy time of the day, or if there is an outage and many other subscribers are calling. Instead of calling the general charter support phone number and going through the automated system to be routed to the right department, your wait time will be shorter if you know how to directly reach specific departments.


The general charter support phone number is 888 438 2427. Calling this number will give you the full spectrum of customer support departments across Charter, whether you need help with billing, or specific issues regarding your cable, Internet, or phone service. Meanwhile, if you are a new customer, the first number you should call to inquire about Charter’s services, bundles, and availability in your area is 877 906 9121, which is their dedicated number for new service.


Charter Support Phone Number: Alternative Numbers

Now, Charter also has a specific charter technical support number for their business or corporate subscribers, which is 800 314 7195. This support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they cater to the technical support needs of business customers. The concerns and information available to residential subscribers are often very different from those of business subscribers, and proper handling and procedures are necessary to correctly address them.


Charter Communications


If the charter tech support number is too congested or the wait times are too long, you can also try calling Charter through other customer service and support numbers. Another phone number for their customer service department is 800 581 0081. You can also try to call 866 472 2200. With both of these support numbers, you can directly get hold of a representative that can help with your queries or concerns.


You can also go to the Charter website and go through the various help topics and troubleshooting FAQs posted.  Sometimes, there are simple concerns or issues that you can very easily fix yourself, and just reading the help topics from this site may give you the answer that you are looking for. You might even find this to be a lot faster and more convenient than having to wait a few minutes to speak to a representative. Also, if you are online you can opt to contact a virtual Charter agent who can assist with your concern.