How Does Charter on Demand Movies Work?

When it comes to entertainment, today’s consumer has a myriad of choices offered to him. Aside from the cineplexes showing first-run movies, instant movie selections are also offered online by streaming services, aside from DVD and BluRay selections at your local retailers or video stores. Of course, if you are a Charter digital television subscriber, you have at your fingertips the convenience of Charter Video On Demand (VOD), which features Charter on demand movies for you to enjoy at any time.

access the charter on demand movies

The Charter VOD service is part of the digital TV subscription already, meaning you don’t have to pay any extra fee or lease any additional equipment in order to enjoy Charter on demand movies. Yes, it is free. You can get the Charter phone number for customer service here and call them anytime. You will find a generous selection of movies within the VOD menu ranging from classics to recent blockbuster hits. Of course, Charter On Demand new releases are also offered, so if you missed a recent movie and have been waiting for the DVD to come out, now you don’t have to fall in line at the store and hope they still have an available copy. All you have to do is look for the new releases on Charter On Demand Movies category in order to catch up on the latest movie entertainment.

With today’s gadget-crazy media consumers in mind, Charter also offers a premium service called Charter Epix which allows you to watch movies and other content on your mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Certain Charter TV subscriptions already have the streaming service and access at no additional charge, while the TV and On Demand services require a subscription. This service is ideal for subscribers who also want to be able to watch their content on their mobile devices.


How does Charter On Demand Movies work?

If you go to the menu, you will find a dizzying selection of channels offering everything on demand. No more schedules or waiting for the show you want to watch. If it’s available on demand, you can watch it at the most convenient time for you, and even pause it or start over at any time. Music, sports, and lifestyle shows are all offered, but the main feature is the movies on demand.

On the Charter on Demand Movies menu, you can select from newest releases to classic movies, and everything in between. You can even select the movie titles per studio; for instance, you can filter your movie search to just titles available from Twentieth Century Fox or Lions Gate Entertainment. The VOD Menu layout is designed to be user-friendly. However, the vastness of the movie selection list can overwhelm you and confuse you at times. But there is no need to worry, as we have shown you in our previous post, you can always call Charter customer service for assistance.  Now, to look for a movie from a specific genre, you can choose from action, comedy, romance, thriller, fantasy, adventure, and every other movie genre you can possibly think of. If you’re a movie buff who’s always itching to get their eyes glued on the latest movies, check-out this list of 2014 Released DVDs.

What premium networks are offered On Demand? There’s Cinemax On Demand, with new movies added every Thursday, along with behind-the-scenes footage and commentary. HBO On Demand is also available, with programming updated weekly. Showtime, Starz!, The Movie Channel, and Disney Family Movies are all available to On Demand to Charter subscribers as well. With all the entertainment options offered by Charter On Demand, you are sure to find something that you like at any time of the day.